Bagel Boyz

06.18.2011 Bagel Boyz
This morning, I went to Bagel Boyz to meet my friend the art teacher. If you’ve never been to Bagel Boyz, it’s well worth checking out! They have yummy bagels, breakfast burritos, and really good sandwiches at lunch as well. It also has free wifi! What else can a girl want?

Several months ago, I gave my friend a knitting lesson. As usually happens, the school year sucked up all of our time, so we never got back together until this morning.

We spent lots of time talking about everything and nothing. It was great to sit and talk with her like that. In her first year at our school, we spent many lunches doing that, but due to scheduling, neither she nor I had the time to do that this past year. So it was really nice to catch up.

Just as we pulled out our knitting, one of the workers stopped to check out what we were doing. There’s something about knitting in public that attracts attention, but I suspect it was more the orange and teal that my friend used in her knitting that got the first notice!

Before we knew it, another girl came over. She said that she knits, so I took the time to show her Ravelry and (It still amazes me when I encounter a knitter who has never heard of these two sites! How can someone live in the year 2011, have a computer, and never hear of either?) I invited her to join us for our Tuesday night group. I really hope she comes!

Eventually, my friend and I got back to the knitting. She’s really doing quite well. I showed her how to pick up dropped stitches and then showed her how to untwist her knit stitches. It’s so cool to see someone get so excited over learning a new technique, and she was delighted that she could fix the dropped stitch without frogging the whole thing

It was a great morning, and it was amazing how quickly time flies when you’re having fun.

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