knitting progress

FetchingThis was a bad week, where fate determined which project would get my attention. On Tuesday night, we had furnace issues, and it turned out to be one of the coldest nights of the year. The loser repairman blew us off on Wednesday, which was even colder than the night before. In an effort to keep dd warm, I tossed her the sole Fetching from the bottom of my knitting bag. She immediately requested that I finish the other one!

I finished this morning, a little too late to help keep her cold paws warm. She didn’t care. She happily wore them to school, and even though I hadn’t had a chance to block them yet, she received quite a few compliments and one request for a pair in black.

I made this pair in Patons Classic Merino, using about half the skein. If I make this again, I’d add another inch to the k4, p1 ribbing before and after the thumb hole (and another inch to the thumb). It’s a great pattern, fast enough that I’ll keep it in mind for a quickie gift idea later.

shawl2.jpgI also worked on the shawl. I’m past the half-way point and am now working the garter stitch in the vertical direction. I like how the yarn is self-striping, though I wish the distance between the stripes had stayed the same as the shawl tapered down to the lowest point. The yarn is making me a little nutty (more on that later), but it’s a nice, easy project that I can work on during knit night.

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