Pre- 4th of July festivities

I live in a neighborhood that has its own private 4th of July parade. It’s not really a full parade. There are no floats and no cheerleaders. But we do have a high school band that practices marching for the city 4th of July parade route by marching through our neighborhood a few days before the 4th.

Last year, I started inviting people over for breakfast before the “parade”. Both families that we invited have kids in the band, but I think we’ve decided that we will still have breakfast even after all of the kids have graduated. What’s the point of living in a neighborhood with its own private parade if you don’t enjoy it with friends?

Today was their practice day, and it was around 90 degrees F. Poor kids!

07.01.2011 Parade

Little Grump dragged out the garden hose and sprayed them as they went by. (She carefully avoided the clarinets. Wood instruments and water don’t mix!)

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