Funny muggles!

I belong to a knitting group that meets at local Starbucks every week. We almost always draw attention from at least one muggle. More often than not, it’s the men, who fondly recall that mom used to knit or crochet or some such. Occasionally, some muggle will try really hard to strike up a more in depth conversation. Last night was a fine example.

This was a night when few of our members showed.  (Some nights are like that.)  Just a few of us were left when a gentleman walked up and started questioning us about our knitting. As usual, we answered the questions about what we were making. When asked how one knows how to make a sock that fits, friend Jeri patiently removed her sock and tried on the sock that she was knitting to demonstrate. The man was obviously impressed at Jeri’s cleverness.

okapiHe then started talking about going to a festival last weekend. “Yeah, I went to the okapi festival last weekend. It was really nice. There were people there…”

My brain faded out for a sec. Okapi? They have festivals for okapi?

“… They really did. They sheered thing things and spun the…”

My brain faded out again. They could get yarn from an okapi? I started wondering what they felt like, whether it would be warm or silky or rough. I thought back to a zoo outing (at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, I think) where dd and I saw and touched an okapi pelt being displayed by one of the wildlife educators. I didn’t recall it being all that soft.

“… Yeah. It was really nice. I bought a hat made out of it.” The man seemed pleased at his ability to communicate with us.

I started to ask him the name of the vendor but then it hit me. He didn’t mean “okapi”!


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