Preparing for the new year

This morning, I stopped by the school to help get the principal and secretary set up for the new school year. When I walked into the library, I got a bit of a surprise:

Empty library

Normally, the library holds thousands of books. Now, it doesn’t. Most of the shelves have been removed in preparation for new carpet.

All of the empty shelves have been moved to one end of the library.

Empty Library

So where did all of the books go?

This is the sight that greeted me when I walked into my lab.

Overpacked lab

The lab is half full of boxes of books and chairs from the library!

I couldn’t help but laugh!

When the principal saw the lab, she said that she would have cried instead of laughing.

The principal did say that she will likely not hold me to having the lab opened on the first day (or even the first week) of school. The carpet isn’t due to show up at the school until Wednesday, so there’s almost no chance that the carpeting will be done in time to get all of the boxes out of the lab.

As long as she’s good with it, so am I. Schools don’t get new carpet very often, so I can roll with the changes. What else is a person to do?

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