Last day of summer break

Today was my last day of summer break. I had a fun day. No… I didn’t go out and do fun family-type things.

Instead, I went to a baby shower. My friend Doreen is having a baby, and I joined some of the ladies from knitting to celebrate the little man’s impending arrival.

The good thing about going to a baby shower with ladies from knitting is that there were several lovely knitted gifts. Angele made an adorable tiger, some hats, and a baby blanket. Angela made two beautiful baby blankets. Someone else made a baby hat. Micki made a really, really pretty green cardigan.

I made a mobile for her. It’s from’s pattern “Flock” and features five birds at varying levels.

First off, let me say… Excuse the craptastic photography. I have to check the patterns on my camera because all of the pictures were dark. I took them in a hurry at the last minute, so the quality isn’t what I’d hope for such a time-consuming project.

Here are a few pictures:

Flock - 11

Flock - 08

Flock - 01

The original pattern called from French Knot eyes. I tried them, but they looked REALLY bad. So I pulled out the french knot eyes and then made new ones with non-toxic dimensional fabric paint. It looked so good that Mr. Grump came over and touched the eye on one of the birds. He spent the next hour looking mortified that he had messed up one of the birds! (I fixed it, so he did work his way out of the doghouse!)

The hardest part of the whole project was balancing the final mobile. It took me so much time to balance the bottom level because, although the birds are close to the same size, the hanger from which they are suspended are not. It’s an exercise in patience to get it right.

Now I will have more knitting time to devote to other projects. I hope to put some more time into the cabled pink blanket.

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