I’m continuing my efforts to try to declutter my life a bit… or to at least limit the clutter to clutter that makes sense.

08.03.2011 Broken

This is my poor broken Pentax K-2000. It was my first DSLR camera, and I loved it so much! I dropped it somehow (I still don’t understand how!), and the hot shoe at the top broke off. (As a matter of fact, I did have my hand through the camera strap!) I looked locally for a repair place, but couldn’t find anyone.

Mr. Grump was kind enough to buy a replacement camera body for me, and this broken one went in the closet.

Recently, Little Grump has expressed an interest in digital photography, so I thought I’d look around for someone to fix K-2000. I found a place online that can repair it for significantly less than the cost of the camera body, so I’m highly considering it. If things go well, Little Grump will have her own camera, and I will have one less piece of (very expensive) clutter!

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