Time-Warner Stinks

08.21.2011 Time Warner Stinks

Our cable and Internet acted up for the second weekend in a row.

When I called last Saturday, they told me they would send someone out. When no one came, I called again only to find that no one would arrive until Wednesday. We waited. Sure enough, the service came back late Sunday night.

When I called to get it repaired today, they told me I had to wait until Wednesday. Then they tried to get me to switch my phone service to their care.

When I pointed out the irony of the sales pitch to the support person, she quickly changed the subject. At least she had the decency to be embarrassed.

One thought on “Time-Warner Stinks

  1. paul

    time warner is all around bad news they been at my house 23 times in a year still no internet says dns server not responding picture sticks

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