Sorry for my absence!

I last posted on August 21st. I didn’t mean to be away so long, but…

Did I mention that Time-Warner stinks? First the cable and Internet started having problems. Then the Internet stopped working almost entirely. Then the cable and the Internet stopped working. It took five days for them to dispatch a repairman!

The service finally got fixed on the 24th, but I was too tired to deal with it. Then I had to work on the 25th, so I was tired when I got home and decided to sleep instead of dealing with the (now very fast) Internet.

On Friday, I came home with every intention of catching up but discovered that someone had stolen my credit card number and charged $504 to an e-commerce site in Adelaide, Australia. The bank said it could have been a very long phone call or an actual transaction. Bless them though because the bank flagged the transaction, parked it in a “pending” state, and then called, texted, and emailed me to tell me that someone was trying to steal my money.

I had a busy weekend and wanted nothing to do with the computer.

So here I am… Monday… With a whole week’s worth of pictures to share!

Stick with me. It’s a long post. If your Internet doesn’t come from Time-Warner, you might not be able to see the whole thing!

August 22nd was Little Grump’s last first day of school. I feel very old! She looked very grown up! — sigh — Where did the time go?

08.22.2011 first day of school

August 23rd was rather unexceptional (other than being exhausting). I took a picture of the iron on a bench outside a local Chipotle’s.

8.23.2011 bench

It finally rained on August 24th! I felt it worth recording, even if the picture wasn’t amazing!

08.24.2011 Rain

Unbelievably, it rained again on August 25th!

08.25.2011 Rain again

On August 26th, Little Grump and I stopped at the office supply store and bought Little Grump a new mouse and a 4 pig-a-byte drive!

08.26.2011 USB Drives

We cracked ourselves up for hours over bad geek puns!

On August 27th, I went in to catch up on some work at the school. I found this lonely machine in a room that became a dumping ground for stuff no one wants. I think the teacher thought that, if she abandoned the computer, she would get a better one. Nope… She gets this one back!

Say what you will about these computers, but they can take a licking and keep on kicking! This one was dropped (or thrown, perhaps) a few times, but still works like a champ (as long as you don’t need any of the niceties of a modern web browser)!

08.27.2011 Taking a licking

I went to the Knitting Fairy’s shop on August 28th to knit with my friends, Wendy and Angele. On the way out, I couldn’t help but notice this chicken! I couldn’t help but think about the story about picking your battles! This guy has to be that chicken’s little brother! (It’s only about 3 feet tall!)

08.28.2011 Big Chicken

It was back to work today.

I know how you feel! In addition to the school starting up, I got hit by an Internet outage at my house. So I’m posting today’s and then I’ll work my way back to where I last posted.

08.29.2011 Smencils

The latest in fundraisers… Smencils (smelly pencils… the kids love them!).

There! I’m caught up! Guilt trip over!

Here’s hoping this week isn’t so exhausting!

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