This week, grass and brush fires have been raging in the Possum Kingdom area. These fires have caused all sorts of smoke and dust into the area. It stinks for those with homes in the area, but the side affect today was a beautiful sunrise.

Yesterday, I received my replacement bank card, so I decided to go down to my bank to activate it this morning after I dropped Little Grump at school. I didn’t have to be at work for almost an hour, so I knew that I had plenty of time.

When I was about a half mile from the bank, the sunrise caught my attention. My “picture of the day” yesterday was pretty lame, so I figured that something spectacular was in order for today. I pulled into an empty parking lot that is adjacent to a large field and set off to take pictures. About ten minutes after I started, I had a good shot.

09.01.2011 Sunrise

I decided to change my lens to see what else I could get. Then came the realization… I had locked my keys in the car!

I called home, but my hubby didn’t pick up. I went through my contacts and figured out who was most likely closest to my house. I figured that they could go and raise enough of a ruckus to wake Mr. Grump, but no… That person didn’t pick up either.

So I called AT&T Roadside Assistance. I pay for the service. I figured I might as well use it. They assured me that someone would be along to help me within 45 minutes.

I called the school and let them know I’d be late. I updated my Facebook status to share how much of an idjit I’d been. Then I settled down and started to study more of my surroundings.

I photographed some flowers, some trees, and the grasshoppers.

09.01.2011 Grasshopper

I took a rather nice picture of my car. I wished the car had been cleaner.

09.01.2011 Reflection

Then I just sat down and waited. It was almost like everything and everyone in the universe had said, “Slow down!” I had no choice but to listen.

So I listened to the birds and enjoyed the breeze. I watched the cars rushing past on the road and through the parking lot. The morning was so pleasant, and though I was indeed stranded for the better part of an hour, I didn’t mind at all.

I checked my cell phone, and if I didn’t already know that the universe was speaking to me, the message on my cell phone would have told me!

09.01.2011 Oh the irony!

It was exactly what I needed. The week had already been hectic. I knew the day would be a long one (Parent Night for the rest of the school). I knew that I had tons of work to do. However, there I was… kicking back my heels at the edge of a peaceful field.

Eventually, the Roadside Assistant people came and quickly opened the door to my car. The bright red of the earlier sunrise was gone, but the sky was still beautiful.

09.01.2011 Sunrise

The day turned out to be even more hectic than I expected. I ran from one end of the building to the other, accepted delivery of a whole bunch of new equipment (which means even more work), helped out students, teachers, staff, and one social worker, updated the school web site, and helped out with Parent Night. If I hadn’t eased into the day, I’d likely be really, really grumpy by now.

As it is, I’m just tired… And hoping for another gorgeous sunrise tomorrow.

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