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This has been a crazy week! There has been some big deal after school every day so far, and the next couple of days aren’t going to be much better.

On Monday, I helped the art teacher with a project after school. Later in the evening, I went to a bag party at my friend, Diane’s. In the few minutes of sanity in between, I managed to finish off the body of the Butterfull that I’m knitting.

Butterfull Body

On Tuesday, we had a little “enforced frivolity” after school. It involved cake, balloons, speeches, etc. The cake was cheery.


I was not. I can’t stand “mandatory” frivolity!

Don’t ask. It will just make me cranky (or crankier)! I don’t want to be cranky because today was a long day but a good one.

The day started for me at 4 AM. I woke up, and, as is my norm, I couldn’t get back to sleep. At around 5 AM, Little Grump woke too. We got our business today, dropped by the local donut shop, and then by Starbucks. Then we went to the school to help the art teacher get ready for the big day.

Thanks to the art teacher, the school participated in a program for the International Day of Peace. The art teacher, a few other staff members from the school, the advisor for the Latin Club at the school ours feeds into, and a few teens from the Latin set up the 600+ pinwheels that the students at our school made.

It was dark when we started putting them up at around 6:30. Work was moving along well when two police cars swooshed in one end of the driveway in front of the school, and another swooshed in the other end. The police in two of the cars jumped out of their cars and looked like they were looking for criminals.

Nope… They were looking for us!

It seems that some well-meaning citizen was concerned that teens were “tagging” the building, and they were intent on stopping it!

There was much laughter! The teens were really amused. They’re great kids who would never dream of getting in trouble. Here they were… trying to promote peace, and they nearly got arrested for it! One of the members, my dear Little Grump, looked at me and said, “Figures. The only time in my life that I have to explain myself to police, it’s because I was with my mother!”

Heee…. I knew I’d ruin that child sooner or later!

Once they figured out what was going on, the police were pretty amused too. Apparently there have been “taggers” in the area recently, and they were pretty excited about getting so close to nabbing them. They knew something wasn’t quite right when they drove up and saw some not-quite-teen women assisting with the effort.

Even if we didn’t have the extra drama, the project was still worth doing. It was cool to see how that many spinning pinwheels can attract attention. People who I’ve never seen at the school stopped by to appreciate the pinwheels and take pictures. All day long, classes went out to tour the pinwheels. The kids had fun trying to locate the one that they had made. There was lots of talk of peace!

Hopefully, when they’re older, the kids will remember why we did this!

Pinwheels for Peace

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