AED Training

09.26.2011 AED Training

Today, the staff at my school received training on how to operate the AED. Out of over 60 staff members, only a handful missed the training (and they had already had it through other sources).

The training was conducted by a woman named Laura Friend. Her daughter Sarah died in 2004 after collapsing at a water park. You can Google Laura’s name and the name of the water park (NRH2O) and find a whole bunch of articles, but seriously… Only read them if you have hankies ready! Laura has now made it her mission to get as people who work with in public places to know how to use AEDs so that lives can be saved.

It was really cool to see the staff get into the training. Even the most timid got up there to give the AED a closer look and/or to try giving chest compressions. I hope none of us ever have to use it on one of our students, but I’m sure glad we have had the training!

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