One of those months

Do you ever have the feeling that you’re being tested? How much patience does this person have? How much can this person take before they turn into a blithering idiot?

I’m having one of those months. The little grump was sick. Then me. Then Mr. Grump. Then the little grump again. Now Mr. Grump has done something to his back. He says it hurts when he moves.

I tell him that there are two solutions for that:

1) Don’t move.

2) Go to a doctor.

I’m really into that second choice, because I don’t think that there’s any chance he can do the first.

He refuses. “Oh, it will get better. He won’t be able to do anything for me.”

Good gravy, man! The doctor could give you pain killers. Or find out if you’ve ruptured or slipped something. (What is it with men and doctors anyway?)

The little grump and I made a big mistake yesterday. We had written the date for her big orchestra concert down on the board. Because she was sick at the end of the week, we didn’t connect the dots on the calendar correctly. So she didn’t dress for the concert and ended up not being allowed to go. There were many tears over that one.

Meanwhile, the stress builds. I have to finish the hallway display for Parent Night at the school. I have two more weeks to complete the school yearbook. Three more weeks to complete the school PTA scrapbook. (I am so *not* getting roped into volunteering for that again next year!)

I haven’t had much time for knitting. I have taken a little bit of time to work on a bag for a friend of mine. She saw my Booga Bag that I’d made from Noro Kureyon #128 and fell in love with it. She loved everything about it, but in particular, she loved the colors. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to make the bag with that colorway because Noro had discontinued it. Imagine my surprise when I was in a LYS a couple weeks ago when I spied a whole pile of the stuff! I quickly snatched three skeins and hoped that I’d have the time to knit the bag before her birthday. Well, the birthday is today and the bag isn’t finished. Hopefully my friend will be so overcome with joy when she receives the gift that she won’t mind that it’s late.

(And friend… If you’re reading this… Get off the stinking Internet! You have hallway displays to finish too!)

One thought on “One of those months

  1. Erin

    Your month sounds like mine. Except forgetting the kid’s special day part. His is tomorrow and he’s NOT letting me forget, lol. And lastly, men are dumb.

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