I had a picture from yesterday to post, but Mr. Grump borrowed the camera and left it in his car. I love y’all, but I’m too tired to go out to the car to get it.

Too tired? Why am I tired?

We cleared all of the equipment out of the second computer lab at the school today. It left a sight no one will see in that room for about 5 or so more years. (The body on the table is Little Grump! She was as exhausted as I was! She said that next time, she’ll be out of college with a paying job so she will hire someone else to help me!)

10.19.2011 Emptied

How much of an effort was it?

Let’s do a little math enrichment…

Each eMac weights 50 pounds or so. There were 29 in the lab.

Many of those eMacs took the place of ancient iMacs (the old “blueberry” style) in classrooms. Each iMac weighs about 35 pounds. We removed about 25 iMacs from classrooms and put eMacs in their places.

Because of legal issues, I couldn’t risk allowing anyone who doesn’t work for the district to lift one of the computers. Imagine what would happen if someone had back issues or dropped a Mac on their toe! I’m covered by workers’ comp. Others aren’t. So while my Computer Club kids and my daughter (mercifully, amazingly, awesomely, thankfully) took care of unplugging computers, winding cables and cords, crawling under tables, dusting surfaces, etc., I was the one who had to lift each and every computer.

So now we get to do the math…

29 eMacs * 50 pounds / eMac + 25 iMacs * 35 pounds / iMac = 2,305 pounds worth of computers.

In addition, I replaced one dead eMac in one of the classrooms, so add another eMac lifted.

Altogether, I lifted 2,355 pounds worth of computers today.


I’ve spent the evening pondering the identity of the person who invented the heating bad. Whoever it was should be sainted!

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