I am WOMAN! Hear me roar!

I’ve been reading the Yarn Harlot’s stories of home renovation and have been very impressed at what one woman can do in a week. It’s pretty darn amazing. Still, when it came time to handle the latest item on my “to do” list, I did what any intelligent woman would do… Called AT&T.

See, my daughter has reached that age when she wants to have a phone in her own room. That way, she can talk about the latest boy without parental ears hearing the details. We bought her a phone for Christmas, but when she plugged it in to the jack in her room, it didn’t work. That’s when it hit me that the previous resident here had installed a second line and that my daughter’s room was one of those that used the second line. For months, I’ve been meaning to call the phone company to have the extension connected to our main line, but it never seemed to be a good time to sit around the house and wait for a repairman.

Until this week. Spring break. I’m at home, working on the school yearbook. I could “wait” all week if I needed to.

So I called AT&T. Much to my surprise, the customer service guy was really helpful. First he told me that it would cost $120 for the repairman to come out and make the change. I groaned. My mind quickly flashed to thinking about the amount of yarn that would buy. Then I heard him say, “But if you’re brave enough, you could make that change yourself.”

Huh? What? How?

The customer service guy really had my attention. “You just open the network interface box and move the wires.” This wasn’t altogether helpful, but it was as much as I was going to get from him. I was good with that.

the boxArmed with more chutzpah than information, I went outside the house and found the box. I quickly realized that I’d need pliers and a screwdriver to even get into the box. (There was a twisted wire and a screw keeping it closed.) I made short order of that. When I opened the box, I saw four different sets of wires.

inside the boxI started tweaking. After I moved a couple wires around, I dialed our home number from my cell phone. My daughter answered. “Mom! It works! It works! You rock!”

Hehe. I giggled delightedly and asked her to take her phone to our other room that had a non-working jack. I waited a few minutes and called again. “Yep! It works!” My daughter seemed quite pleased.

Not as pleased as her mom though. “Girls rule!” I told her. “We don’t need no stinkin’ repairmen!”

So I saved us $120. I wonder if I can buy more yarn.

2 thoughts on “I am WOMAN! Hear me roar!

  1. Erin

    I say yes, buy more yarn. You deserve it! I know that excited feeling..you should have seen me after I learned to change the toilet sesat, ROFL!

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