20120209-063051.jpgI’ve been crazy busy for the past few months. When I had time off, I found that I would rather be stitching than working on the computer. (Occupational hazard?). I figured that it would take something to rile me to get me off my butt to blog again.

Well… Happy day…something happened.

In preparation for an amigurumi class that I am going to take in a couple weekends I figured that I would crochet a project to make sure that I actually remembered how to crochet. I looked around and found a couple projects that I wanted to make and purchased the patterns electronically. When I received the files in email, I was excited… Until I looked at them.

The designer had “watermarked” every page of the pattern with my full name and address diagonally across the center of the whole page! I have seen patterns where the designer adds an inconspicuous line at the bottom with the name of the purchaser, but never anything like this.

I left neutral feedback for one of the patterns with the objection to having the distraction in the middle of the pattern. When printed, it likely doesn’t matter much, but I never print my patterns anymore, (All hail the mighty iPad!)

The designer says that I am being unreasonable and that all of the successful designers are adding this “transparent” watermark to “prevent theft”.

I will allow that I may have limited knowledge, but I’ve never seen this. Anyone else?

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