This is the way my week has gone

This week has been… Well…more than a bit absurd. When the week started, there were eight days left in the school year, and I had a laundry list a mile long of things that I needed to do.

Then… Bummer… I was summoned for jury duty. That duty lasted all week long. To make sure that everything that needed done was completed, I decided to go in to work in the evening. So every day has been a long commute followed by jury duty followed by another long commute followed by three hours of work. Then home, sleep, and start all over again.

By lunch today, I was wiped. Body and soul were ready to return home, crawl into bed, and not try to see daylight until at least Monday.

Then something happened that kind of represented the entire ridiculous week!

I was walking down the street when I felt my foot land on a piece of sidewalk that was uneven. The left side of the foot was four or five inches higher than the other. The foot slipped out from under me, and before I knew it… BAM! I was flat on my back and looking up at the sky!

As I counted my bones to see if anything was broken, a woman started to run over from the curb to help me up. But before she could find out if I was OK, a police officer approached from my other side.

“Great!” I thought to myself. I had professional help!

He wasn’t interested in me though. Without even offering me a hand up, her started to chastise the woman who was approaching to help me. “You can’t park there!”. He told her. “if you stay there, I will have to write you a ticket!”. He then stepped around me (almost over me) to write the ticket.

The poor woman looked confused, but then ran over to try to stop the officer.

So I picked myself up off the ground, dusted myself off, and thanked the good Lord that I wasn’t more damaged than I was. I had a few scrapes, and I’m sure I will have some bruises. However, despite the fact that the Kindle that I’d been carrying under my arm slapped the walk hard and took a great deal of my weight when I fell, the Kindle survived as well.

The whole incident was totally absurd and painful, but in the end, everything worked out.

I think I need to remember that as jury duty will continue into week two. With only three days to go, I need to trust that everything will work out!

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