It’s all Greek to me…

Lately, I’ve felt like one of the high hurdle runners, sprinting madly from one obstacle to the next and then jumping… Whoosh! Over the obstacle and on to the next. Only it feels like I have a sadistic coach watching, putting more obstacles in my way so that I have to work even harder and smarter to get to the end of the race.

It started way back during Public Schools Week. I got past that obstacle handily enough, but I immediately had to deal with the next, the school yearbook. I started working on that but ran into problems. The service that I was using went on the blink, and so I moved on to the next, the school scrapbook. I got interrupted in the middle of that to create a slideshow presentation for the boss, complete with music, animation, and all the bells and whistles required to impress the audience. I finished that, then whoosh… Back to the yearbook and scrapbook.

Last night, my daughter threw an obstacle at me. Like most 13-year olds, she waited until the night before to tell me, “Oh Mom, we need to take Greek food to English tomorrow.”

The only thing I know about Greek food is where to find killer gyros in Hanover Park, Illinois. Other than that, I’m clueless. And at the last minute? My house looks like such a disaster that I’m not even sure that I can find the pantry, let alone make something from the ingredients in it!

The Internet is my friend, though. And my daughter has yet to ask me for a miracle that I can’t create for her. We looked around and found something that was almost feasible given the ingredients that we had in the pantry. (The only thing missing was Sprite, which my hubby, blessed man that he is, grabbed from the soda machine at work before he came home.)


They’re called Tiganites. I don’t know how authentic Greek they are, but they’re actually very yummy, especially when warm and dipped in honey. And the best thing of all was that it was easy. Once I got her started, she could handle most of it herself. (I did circle more than I probably needed to. I was worried about her going off into daydream-land and forgetting that hot oil can catch fire if it’s ignored at just the wrong time.)

Incidentally, the kiddo isn’t off free on this one. Guess who is going to help me clean up the disaster that scrapbooking, cooking, and negligence has made of my house? Yep, you got it! I’d feel sorry for her, but I’m just too tired.

Off to jump over another hurdle. I’m finishing off the yearbook and scrapbook today. After that, it’s my next hurdle… baby hats for the PTA auction.

I think I might enjoy that!

One thought on “It’s all Greek to me…

  1. Erin

    Darn those 13-year-olds! Unfortunately, I was like that once, lol. I remember having to make Greek food when I was in the, 7th grade if I remember correctly. I did some kind of funky meatball and some pie that used that nasty ricotta cheese. To this day I will NOT eat ricotta cheese, lol. Nasty stuff, I tell ya.

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