DK Two Thumbs Up Fingerless Mitts

Here’s the second item that I made for the school auction.


Pattern: DK Two Thumbs Up Fingerless Mitts

Yarn: Deep Red Sock Yarn by Lamzie Divy Woolens

Needles: Size 2 Addi Circular

Peace!This pattern is very similar to Knitty’s Fetching mitts. However, I think they results are better in every way. It uses fingering weight yarn, which to me makes a more comfortable mitt (and gives me something to use with my piles and piles of sock yarn stash!). The cuff is more substantial as is the part that covers the lower part of the fingers. I absolutely love the way that the thumb area is constructed. It quite cleverly uses cables to cover up what sometimes turns into a hole on many mitten and glove patterns. It’s a little tricky (the pattern is rated Advanced Intermediate, which made it really hard for me!), but if you’re patient and follow the directions as written, you’ll come out with a mitt that has absolutely no holes anywhere in the thumb area. Gotta love that!

I started the mitts on Saturday and finished them this morning at about 4:30 am. It actually should have taken less time except for the fact that:

a) We went to the Busch race at the Texas Motor Speedway on Saturday, and it was too danged cold to knit anything.

b) I did a major oopsie last night at around 9 pm. I forgot to do the cables on one side of one of the mitts. I didn’t realize my error until I was four rows from being done. So I frogged… Then my yarn got tangled… Then I cut off what I thought was the yarn for the thumb (because I didn’t need to frog that) and then realized that I’d cut off the yarn from the palm instead. Then I got ticked off… Then… Well, you get the picture. It took longer than it should have.

I made some small modifications to the pattern. First, the pattern has some pretty eyelet work down the long straight ribs and along the cables. I left that off because I was in a hurry, and I was afraid I’d mess it up somehow. Second, I used the EZ sewn bind-off, which I use for socks. It’s nice and stretchy without creating too much of a ruffling effect.

In general, it’s a good pattern though, and it’s one that I’ll be doing again (maybe even soon). I have some yummy Cherry Tree Hill mill ends in purples that I think will be divine in fingerless gloves.

For this pair, I used some yarn from an Etsy seller, Lamzie Divy Woolens. It’s the least expensive sock yarn that I’ve ever purchased… Over 400 yards for under six bucks plus shipping. I had enough to make this pair of mitts AND another pair just like them, if that is my wish. The yarn is a little bit rustic and has a little bit of VM in it, but it has such a marvelous homespun quality to it. The colors aren’t solid but rather a little heathered. Still, the red color was brilliant. (And big, big bonus…. NO bleeding at all!)

Overall, there’s only one thing to say about this project:


The mitts are now in the auction area, waiting for someone to buy them. I hope whoever gets them treats them well and appreciates having toasty hands!

2 thoughts on “DK Two Thumbs Up Fingerless Mitts

  1. Gay

    Thanks for trying my yarn. You are right it is rustic, but makes the best winter socks ever! Also, you can machine wash in hot water, just hang to dry. I don’t sell many skeins durning Spring and Summer, but it’s always available on Lamzie Divy Woolens in Etsy.

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