I need a bigger yarn winder!

I bought my Royal Yarn Winder over a year ago, and I’ve loved it. It makes nice, tidy yarn cakes that are tight enough to not fall apart if they get dropped but squishy enough that I know that the yarn hasn’t been stretched. Until recently, it has handled every job that I threw at it.

Full winder with some left over full winder

Until now…

It’s started the idea for a project. A good friend’s daughter is graduating high school this year, and for the first time in the girl’s life, she will be living in the Midwest in the winter.

I used to live where she will be going in the fall. It’s cold to a Midwestern gal like me. This poor kid doesn’t have any concept of how cold it will be. So I decided that I’d make the girl something to keep her warm (so that her mom will worry less). My goal is to make a matching “My So-Called” set, with scarf, hat, and gloves to match.

I really wanted yarn in the girl’s favorite colors, turquoise and purple. Not just any purple, but a purple that is more blue than red. I had the girl’s mom window shop on the web for the perfect yarn. We thought we’d found it with the Mystical Creations Yarn, but that turned out to be not what I wanted at all (in oh so many ways!). Frustrated and unwilling to settle for something that was almost but not quite what I wanted, I turned to my favorite dyer, Spunky Eclectic (aka Boogie Knits).

Let’s pause for a second in my story to explain how I know about Spunky Eclectic. I purchased yarn from her before. I made a baby outfit from her sport weight yarn. At the time, she didn’t have one of the colors that I wanted in stock, but regardless, she said she could handle my order. Before the day was out, she had the yarn that I wanted in the dye pot! I was impressed. I was even more impressed when I received the yarn, and it was precisely what I wanted. That project turned out to be one of my favorite projects ever. The yarn was so amazing, especially the Tahiti colorway that I used. (It faded from light peaches to pinks to a deep wine color, just like all of the pictures I’ve ever seen of Tahitian sunsets. I looked forward to seeing the colors change; it was almost addictive!) Anyway, I’d ordered a few other yarns from her since then, and every single one was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted.

So I emailed her one morning and said, “Would you be able to handle a custom dye job?” She quickly responded and said something like, “Sure! What do you need?”

I’d browsed her site and found what I hoped would be exactly the yarn I wanted: the Chunky Big Ball Sweater Yarn. She has an amazing price on this stuff… $17.50 for 370 yards of chunky weight Peruvian Wool! I sent her my yarn choice and a couple of her colorways that were close but not quite and waited with anticipation. Over the course of the morning, emails flew back and forth as she asked questions to clarify what I wanted. By noon, I trusted that she could deliver what I wanted and that, if she couldn’t, she would allow me to return the yarn for a refund. I ordered three balls (to make sure that I had more than enough) and waited.

That was actually the hardest part. She had the yarn in the dye pot by the end of the day. (I caught her on a dying day. Lucky me!) But it still took a week between drying and mailing. The wait was not fun!

three ballsskeinI was absolutely thrilled when the yarn arrived. Once again, she read my mind and gave me exactly what I wanted! Three lovely, soft humongous skeins of yarn were dyed to perfection and mine… all mine!

I knew right away that I needed a bigger yarn winder. The balls of yarn were so big! I got on the waiting list to purchase a bigger winder and hoped that it would arrive soon. It didn’t.

Today, I decided that I’d better get started on the project or I wouldn’t be able to give it to the girl on graduation day. So I dug out my Royal, made a bigger paper cone (with a recycled toilet paper tube), and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

So I wound the yarn by hand. (At least I have my awesome swift to hold the skein!) It was ridiculous! The ball was so big by the time that I finished that I could only put my hand on one side.

You think I lie? Behold:

big ballsbig as my headbig

That’s one big ball!

swatchI started the scarf today, and I am so happy! This is exactly what I was looking for!

I love it when a plan comes together!


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