Beaucoup Baudelaire

One day, the knitting group was talking about the fabulous Cookie A. Most of us look at Cookie A as something of a sock knitting goddess. She comes out with amazing designs far more frequently than it seems conceivable. It boggles my mind (and, apparently, the minds of a few of my SotW). Even though we have quite some expert sock knitters and lace knitters, very few of us had tackled any of Cookie A’s patterns. (For many, it’s a case of “too many patterns, too little time. For me, it’s extreme terror of anything that resembles lace.)

So we decided to have a Cookie A knit-along for our group. We talked for a few weeks and finally started work at our knitting group two Tuesdays ago. Most of us decided to do the Baudelaire sock from

Doing a project like this with the knitting group reminds me once again why I am so thankful for their company (and so very sorry for people who haven’t found an equally marvelous group). Our group is composed great knitters and exceptional people. We spend quite a bit of time fondling the various yarns and debating the merits of one versus another. If one person doesn’t know a certain technique, there are always willing teachers to help. Even those who think they know what they’re doing learn new variations on skills that they learned long ago. I know I’m a better knitter for it, and I’d be surprised to find that the others didn’t feel likewise.

Here was our progress as of Tuesday:


baudelaire_m.jpgFor my sock (at right and at the top center of the picture above), I’m using STR medium weight in the Rare Gem that I received in my last shipment of the Rockin’ Sock Club last year. It’s such a gorgeous color, a deep rust with occasional streaks of darker and ligher rusts. Normally, this isn’t a color that I’d pick, certainly not something that I would buy from an online site. But it was kind of the luck of the draw. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it because it was very similar in color to the Mustang Sally that I’d received in the same shipment. Now I’m totally in love! The colors are rich and warm but the color changes are so subtle! I love how it shows off the stitch pattern.

After seeing how much a couple of my SotW liked the colors, I wrote the folks at BMFA and asked if they had anything hiding in the storeroom even remotely like it. They replied quickly and told me that the colorway was, indeed, one of a kind. I was just lucky and should be glad that I was going to have a one-of-a-kind pair of socks. They also warned that I should be careful that my friends didn’t steal my socks off my feet!

Gotta love the folks at BMFA!

Unfortunately, this has made me want to rush over to buy every single Shaded Solid colorway of STR in the medium weight. (Have you seen Hoofle Foofle? Or Tanzanite? Somebody had better hide my credit card!)

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