One cute bear and more

I can tell that I’ve turned the corner on my work projects, because I have much more time for knitting now. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me!

My knitting group continues to work on their Baudelaire socks.

Baudelaire - week 3

You might notice that the number and colors of socks has changed. It’s because different members showed up. I think the bright blue ones (that weren’t there last week) are Rebecca’s, and boy… They are going to be stunning!

Mine are the ones on the lower left. By Tuesday, I had knitted both to the start of the cuff. I’m so pleased with my yarn choice on this one. The little shots of gold and the slight color variations give just enough to make it interesting but not so much that the pattern gets lost. My only concern is whether I’ll have enough yarn. It’s a STR Rare Gem, which means that, when the yarn is gone, it’s completely gone. I’m now three repeats into the cuff on one sock and have 28g left. I hope that it will be enough for a nice cuff.

One block doneMost of my knitting time this week has gone into other projects. Jeri always finds nice charity knitting opportunities for us. This time, she suggested joining the Rebuilding Greensburg Block by Block effort. I feel so badly for the folks in Greensburg and don’t know what I’d do if I lost my home (heck, my entire town) the way those people have. I can imagine that they will really appreciate something handmade and something that lets them know that people care about them.

As luck would have it, I have some left-over Encore Worsted that I received from a LYS back when they were offering a free ball of yarn for anyone that would knit a hat for charity. I knitted the hat but had half the ball left over. It seems only right that I use the leftovers for a block for Greensburg. (Even after this one, I have enough for a half of block. If I add in the smidgeon left over from the hat that Jeri knitted, then I have enough for another whole block.) I haven’t blocked it yet, but it still went well (and was so darn fast too).

Mr. BearMy big accomplishment for the weekend is this guy. Mr. Bear is a gift for a co-worker who is expecting. Every baby should have a special bear, and this guy is yummy soft and filled with love and personality.

Pattern: Oh My! Pattern P637

Yarn: Bear is made from Oh My! (a little over one ball); Sweater is made from Patons Shetland Tweed (1/2 ball); Face: A bit of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes that I found in the bottom of my bag

This was an awesomely easy knit. I started it on Friday night, knitted for an hour, then resumed on Saturday morning. I had the bear AND sweater knitting done and sewn up by 1 PM. After about 15 minutes of stuffing and sewing up the back and another 15 minutes to do the face, he was done. (I’m still debating the need for a button on the sweater. I like how the sweater looks when it meets at the top, but I’m really nervous about putting a button on anything that a baby might chew.)

I love him! He’s so incredibly soft and squooshy! My dd has requested one just like him, only bigger. (I requested that she learn how to knit herself. She just laughed!) The pattern only comes in one size, so I might try to do some math.

I’m definitely going to keep this pattern for last minute baby gift. I’m not all that crazy about “Oh My!” It doesn’t glide over my Addis or Options needles, and it has a habit of worming. I had to pull in several strands that were loose even before I had a chance to do anything with the yarn. Still, it’s soooooo soft. It’s the kind of yarn that you just can’t help but stroke. I’ll have to see if there’s some other yarn that’s equally as cuddly but not so annoying next time.

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  1. lulu

    Firstly, I love the bear – yup definitely cute!
    Secondly, I think your socks are the nicest colour out of all of them.
    Thirdly, I have tagged you with a meme – have a look at my blog for details – tell us more about yourself!!
    lotsa love

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