Le Baudelaires sont magnifique!

I have finished my Baudelaires, and they are beautiful, if I do say so myself!

Completed Baudelaires

I’m not sure how accurate the color is in this picture. The color is a dark rust, with occasional splashes of gold. The picture shows the socks unblocked. (After dh took this picture, I immediately took them off and washed and blocked them. Hopefully we’ll have some bright sunlight in the next day or so in which to take better pictures. I’d love for you to see how pretty this color is. BMFA is crazy for not making this a regular STR colorway!)

But boy, oh boy! These socks are pretty! And they fit like a glove… Actually almost too tight to get on and take off, but absolutely no bagginess in the the heel or ankle. (Guess it’s a trade off!)

Pattern: Baudelaire from Knitty

Yarn: Socks That Rock Rare Gem

Needle: Addi Size 1 (one sock) and Addi Lace Size 1 (other sock)

(I’ll post my observations later about the comparison between the two needles.)

Pattern variations:

I knew that I’d need the extra circumference on the cuff, especially after one of my knitting pals who went to Camp Cockamamie said that many people had reported tightness issues with the sock. But I had a heck of a time with the cable increase at the cuff. So instead, I increased by 4 on the first row after finishing the heel and again on the next row after that. Then on the start of the second repeat after the cuff, I started the cable cross-over. The result may not be quite as elegant, but I still think it looks nice.

I also modified the toe a bit. I knitted a “normal” Baudelaire toe, and it just looked awful on my foot. It was way too pointy! So I frogged and cast on more stitches to allow for my wider toes. This was an easy modification, one that I’m very glad I made. The sock fits so darn well, and I don’t have any excess fabric in the toe.

Many of my Sisters of the Wool have already finished their Baudelaires. Hopefully they will all bring them tomorrow night so that we can get another group shot!

One thought on “Le Baudelaires sont magnifique!

  1. Jeri

    Yea!! Another pair of finished Bauds. And so pretty. I look forward to seeing them tonight. As humid as it has been, if they’re not fully dry, bring them anyway.

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