Summer knitting goals

Skeins her way is having a blog contest for some nice Blue Sky Dyed Cotton and her cute tank pattern. One of the conditions is that participants must post their knitting goals for the summer on their blog.

Now, normally, I’m reluctant to commit to any knitting goals, but you know me. I’ll do anything for a chance at yarn!

So here goes:

  1. Finish the tiger socks from hell. (Dear Lord, please, let those end soon!)
  2. Finish “my so-called” graduation present. I’m knitting a matching scarf, hat, and mitten set for a friend’s daughter who is moving to Chicago in the fall. I missed the graduation deadline. I must finish before Fall!
  3. Finish the Berocco’s Alexander polo onesie set before the baby is too big to wear it! I have the hat pieces and most of the back done. I need to do the front and sew it all together.
  4. Finish Booga Bag that I started for my work friend. Knitting and felting are done. It just needs to be lined.
  5. Naga socks in Veilchen Wollmeise
  6. Landscape Purse in some red, cream, and blue yarn from foxmoda. Step #1 will be to see if the cream felts at all.
  7. More blocks for the Rebuilding Greensburg project.
  8. Possible bonus projects:
    • Sundara’s Tatami Kimono – I have some undyed Henry’s Attic Texas in sufficient yardage to make it for my daughter. She’s into all things Japanese, and it would be nice to send her off to school wearing a sweater that I made for her.
    • Another pair of Two Thumbs Up (for either the kiddo or me)
    • If I win the contest, a cute tank top will be on the list!

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