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The last day of school was May 25th. My last official day of work for the school year was yesterday. I plan on going back in for a few assorted tasks, but for the most part, I’ve already kicked into summer mode. For me, that means lots more knitting time!

I’ve been knitting along on My So-Called Scarf. I started with a really, really big ball of custom-dyed yarn from Spunky Eclectic. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and I’m so glad that I had Amy dye it for me.

I’m starting to feel like the lady in this video though. My original plan was to knit to the end of the ball of yarn, but the scarf is already longer than 6 feet, and the ball still has quite a bit left. I’m going to hold off on making it longer until I have a chance to consult with a couple of my Sisters of the Wool. One is tall, like the girl who is going to receive the scarf, so she should be able to give me some kind of indication about whether I’ve already gone too far. (I put the red lifeline in about 8″ back, so I can frog if I need to.)

My So-Called Scarf - Front
FrontMy So-Called Scarf - Back
My So-Called Scarf
My So-Called Scarf

I’ve also been working on a knitted square for the Greensburg project. This one was a bit uncooperative. I originally planned to have alternating stripes of Encore, then finish the second half of the square using one of the Encore colors. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough of my Encore colors.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have any other Encore in my stash. Nor did I have any other yarns that were the same fiber content. What’s a girl to do? Again, I consulted my Sisters of the Wool. There were two opinions. One thought that I should use wool, because it would feel more like the Encore than acrylic. The other thought that I should go with something of the same washability. I could have used superwash wool, but I didn’t have any of that in a worsted weight either. So I punted and used some snuggly acrylic that I had left over from a baby afghan. (I think it was an older, no-longer-available version of TLC.) I alternated stripes of the Encore with the cream colored acrylic.

The result is something that my hubby absolutely loved. He thought it would be nice to do the color combination in a garter stitch sweater. (OK… He didn’t use the term “garter stitch.” He said, “That stitch.” Which, for him, is close enough for me to be proud of his effort!)

Unblocked square - front Unblocked square - back


3 thoughts on “Enjoying my free time

  1. Janelle

    Ooh, that scarf is really pretty! How cool to be able to spotlight hand-dyed yarn like that. I’ve always heard that the “normal” length for a scarf is the same as your height. Longer for those who like multiple wraps around the neck.

    I made a so-called scarf for a friend and had leftover yarn, too, so I made her a hat with the rest. Super quick with the big yarn. I just did a generic ribbed hat, but I did later find a hat with the same stitch pattern. I’ll look for it and post back if I find it. You could also do fingerless gloves, or even something like a little felted bowl so that you can enjoy the yarn when it’s too hot for a scarf. 🙂

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