Alien invasion!

My house is being taken over by cute critters. The first to arrive was a little black and white kitty. Then a white rabbit. Then a raccoon. A calico kitty is on its way. After that, who knows what will arrive. I suspect that the current critters will be joined by a hedgehog, a fox, a possum, and, later this summer, a bunch of farm animals.

It’s all the fault of CraftyAlien and her collection of adorable critter patterns. Each critter takes just a bit of yarn (usually about 35 yards for the body and another 15-20 yards for the additional features) that can be felted. I’m not the world’s fastest knitter, but I whipped up the first two in a day. The raccoon took a little bit longer, but only because I was distracted and watching “Dr. Who” more than I was knitting.

Now, normally when I see patterns for impossibly cute items, I immediately think that there’s no way that I can make something that matches what the pattern shows. However, these patterns are so simple and well-done that it was no problem whatsoever.

See? Meet my new friends!

Tuxedo KittyBunny Raccoon

I also want to do a calico kitty. I’ll try to remember to take pictures of his pieces parts before and after felting and during assembly so that you can see how these babies go together.
These patterns introduced me to a new method for felting small objects. I’ve only ever done felting in the top-loading washing machine, and I never thought that I’d ever need to try another method. However, these pieces to these critters are so small that I feared that they would be felted down to nothing if they went through the washer. So instead, I did what the pattern suggested and felted them in a pan of water in the sink.

There are some pros and cons to felting in the sink. On the pro side, it was easier to control the results, and it took very little time for these small objects. It was also easier to do two or more items at once without fear of colors bleeding on top of each other.

On the con side: Ouch! My hands are totally trashed! In order the pieces to felt (especially the white ones), the water had be hot. The wringing of the items in the hot water singed my hands just a bit, I think. They are so sore and dry! I now need some really good hand lotion.

But it was so worth it. I mean… Look at them!


I did find a few small errors in the patterns. I will publish my notes for the patterns when I announce the arrival of the calico kitty.

8 thoughts on “Alien invasion!

  1. Aisling

    Those are really cute! Hopefully I can make it to SB this Tuesday so I can see them in person???? I know I won’t be at Borders next week.

  2. Mandy

    They are adorable!! I’ve been wanting to do a few kitties myself, but was worried it’d be hard on such a small scale.

    Those are just so cute!

  3. wonky

    Tiny animals, with oversized heads!!! How wonderfully cute they are! Thanks for pointing out this pattern, it’s going straight onto my to-knit list. I am eagerly anticipating your pattern notes as well…

  4. Erin

    I really do love those. I have the pattern for the Raccoon but haven’t made him yet. My DS has a fascination with raccoons, and I was going to make it for Christmas and never got around to it *oops*

  5. Lynn

    Seriously cute. You’re bringing them on Tuesday, right? And I’ll bring back your pattern, muchas gracias, so A can use it.

  6. Sara

    they are so cute! i bought some of her kitty magnets, as i am not much of a knitted toy person, but i must admit i’ve been tempted to make a couple of kitties that look just like my monsters.

    oh and just a tip i picked up somewhere–when handfelting, wear heavy rubber gloves. think “Dexter’s Mom” gloves.

  7. Angeluna

    G, I did check them out on Etsy and they are really adorable. Even those sea creatures. Hedgehog might win the prize. The cats would love him, stuffed with catknip. Heck, I knitted them catnip dim sum.

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