Calico kitty and yarn pr0n

Calico KittyLet me introduce the newest edition to my Crafty Alien family of critters: Calico Kitty! I wasn’t able to match the original kitty, no matter how I tried. I thought I’d positioned the spots according to the pattern, but I was obviously off. My dd, who is such a sweetheart, told me, “Don’t worry, Mom. All calico cats are different. It’s the way they’re supposed to be. He’s cute anyway!” She then took him and cuddled him for a good hour before I managed to pry him out of her hands to take off to knit night.

I haven’t had a chance to type up the pattern comments. Hopefully I’ll have some time soon. (Sharing a computer with dd is proving to be quite limiting to my online time. Bad for my online time. Good for my knitting!)

While at knit night, I opened the Wollmeise package with the other Sisters of the Wool who had ordered with me. The sister who had never had the privilege of opening one before did the main honors, so she got to watch the feather floating to the ground. We then opened the package, fondled the yarn for a bit, and then spread the booty out on a table for photographing.


From left to right, we have Mitternacht, Versuchskaninche, Wellensittichvagefeter, Salamander, and Dani. (Forgive any mangled German spellings. Typing that gave me a true appreciation of the English language! Oy!) It’s all very lovely! I can’t wait to see what it becomes!

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