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Lately a couple of my Sisters of the Wool have been teasing each other about their number of unfinished objects. While I know that I don’t come anywhere near the title for the most, I have far more than I’d really like to have.

Alexander in progress1. Alexander

I started Alexander as a gift for one of my friends. Well, actually for her new grandbaby. I worked up to the shoulder of the front and then stopped. I need to get back to it soon, especially seeing that the baby is already a few months old.

Spunky Eclectic Socks from Hell 2. Spunky Eclectic Socks from Hell

That’s not the name of the pattern. It’s the description of the experience. They’re a little further along now. They’re pretty much my traveling project. K2, P2 rib is easy to memorize and takes little concentration.

Mountain Colors Mobius3. Mountain Colors Mobius

Cat Borhi’s Purl Ridge Mobius made with Mountain Colors Twizzle in Ruby River. I love how this project is going, but I’m running short on Twizzle. I’ve asked the LYS to order it for me about five times, but so far, it hasn’t come in.

Sorting Hat

4. Sorting Hat

I started this ages ago. I used a pattern that I found on eBay for a Wizard’s Hat, but added a slit in the brim for the Sorting Hat’s mouth. I need to embroider the eyes and nose and add patches, and it will be done.

EZ Baby Surprise sweater5. EZ Baby Surprise Sweater

I started this over a year ago. The yarn came from a Herrshner’s baby afghan kit that I’d bought for my daughter. The concept of the kit was that it used five colors of yarn that was held together two strands at a time to make an afghan in a rainbow of colors. When I finished with the afghan, the yarn went into storage for a long, long time. Finally last year, I decided to use the left-overs for a Baby Surprise sweater. (I told my 13 year old daughter that I was going to put it with the afghan in my cedar chest so that she would have them for her own children someday. This brought on an eye roll so huge that I’m surprised that she didn’t permanently damage something.) It’s almost done except for weaving in ends and sewing on buttons.

6.  Booga Bag

No picture available for this.  The bag is done.  I just want to line it.  I have the fabric.  I am just too distracted to drag out my sewing machine and cutting board.  Go figure.

With all of that to do, what did I do yesterday morning? You got it! I “swatched” for a sock.

Stansfield 304 Stansfield 304 - up close

The yarn is Wollmeise in the Veilchen (dark) colorway. The pattern is Stansfield 304 from More Sensational Knitted Socks.

OK… I’ll be honest. This has gone beyond swatch! I’ve done three repeats of the pattern on one sock and one repeat on the second. I just couldn’t help myself! The colors (which are a bit darker in real life than they are on my monitor) are so rich, and the changing colors and textures are just fascinating. Unless I find out something really horrible about this stitch pattern (like the evil feather and fan lace pattern that didn’t stretch enough to allow me to get the sock on my fat foot), I suspect that this will become one of my favorite sock patterns.

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