Grrrr… Gremlins

After waking up in the middle of the night, wandering around the Net aimlessly for a bit, and then laying down on the couch to sleep for another couple of ours, I woke up this morning and immediately sensed that something was wrong. I started exploring and discovered that the freezer door was hanging open.

As most wives would do, I immediately cursed my hubby, who I assumed had opened the freezer to grab a midnight snack and failed to shut it properly. I continued to curse as I cleaned up the lake that was in the middle of our kitchen floor and cursed some more as I threw out all of the stuff in the freezer that had thawed and become soaked while the door was open.

Turns out, I jumped to the wrong conclusion.

I checked on the freezer a couple hours later to make sure that things were fine again. They weren’t. Not only that, as the day went on, I noticed that the fridge seemed to be losing its cool too. Now it’s 9 PM, and the stuff in the fridge looks like it will have to be tossed as well.

I now suspect that the ice in the freezer melted, leaked down into the bottom of the fridge until the weight of the water was sufficient to pop the door open.

I just went to the Sears site to try to schedule a repair. Their site says that they can’t get here for one week. ONE WEEK!??????!!!!! Are they serious?

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