Slaying the tigers

I only have one child. I knew that if I ever had a second one, it would be a demon child who made me second guess my sanity every single day. This would be my price for having done such a darn fine job on the first one.

I think my tiger socks are the knitting equivalent of that demon child. I made two pair of socks which went so well that I knew that I was going to pay for it somewhere. Sure enough, these tiger socks were payback at an accelerated rate. I set them aside and knitted Baudelaire, and again, it went so well that I knew that I was going to pay dearly. And again, I worked on the tigers and suffered through.

I am happy to say that the tiger socks are officially done!

Don’t look too closely for the errorsIf you don’t look too closely, the socks look OK. They’re not fancy, but they’re functional. They’re the right length, they don’t bag, and the color is beautiful.

Don’t be fooled!

These socks are not an example of great knitting. Not by a long shot! The heels are the absolute worst I’ve done since my first pair. I must have become really confused on the short row heel because there are tiny holes and twisted stitches all over the place. One sock is harder to get on than the other because the heel was done over fewer stitches.

I’ve tucked these socks in the back of my sock drawer. I’m sure that I’ll wear them, but likely not often. I’m so embarrassed by them that I don’t even think I’m going to let my Sisters of the Wool see them up close. (They’ll laugh me out of the group!) It’s a shame, because the yarn from Spunky Eclectic is absolutely gorgeous.

I’m going to look at this project as a humbling experience, a reminder that, no matter how much I know, I’ve got so much more to learn. It’s also a reminder to always, always, always write things down, even if I think I’m going to be able to remember. I can now move on to other socks without feeling guilty about the project that I abandoned.  One more pair of socks to finish, and I can start working on the Summer of Socks entries!

4 thoughts on “Slaying the tigers

  1. Jeri

    You could always say you were using one pair of socks to test heel counts to see which you like better. And we will not laugh you out of the group. Those who haven’t heard the stories and watched you struggle with this pair of contrary socks would likely not notice.

    Seriously,I have that kind of memory too. I’m sure I’m going to remember little details and then I get there on the second sock and I’m squinting at little stitches and trying to find a better light and wondering and guessing. I am so pleased when I find a note card with a half done project.

  2. Lynn

    Isn’t it amazing how finished socks, like sleeping children, can look so innocent? My own sainted mother often threatened to rock me to sleep with a real rock.

    Bring ’em to Knit Night. If they get obstreperous, I’ll thimp them smartly. If that’s not enough, we’ll gather around them and holler FROG FROG FROG until they learn to behave.

  3. Angeluna

    I have so loved seeing the yarn as you knitted these. If the heels really bother you, I say Frog and redo! Or just buy more of the yarn and give these to charity, preferably a charity in a far distant land so they can’t come after you for knitting those heels so unfortunately.

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