I’m finally in Ravelry!

After weeks and weeks of waiting, I’ve finally been invited to join Ravelry.com. My first impression…

What’s that giant sucking sound I hear? Oh, that’s all of my free time getting sucked out of my life!

Ravelry.com seems like it will be a very handy tool for getting organized, figuring out what I want to do next, and keeping track of the trends that are out there. The problem is that getting organized always requires a certain amount of time to get started, and I am way, way behind in getting organized.

It is fun though. It took me all of five minutes to find my friends Angeluna and Thing4String. It took not much longer than that for Angeluna to find me. Then I started getting messages from other folks. The first was from one of the editors on Ravelry.com, who wanted to use my picture of my Backyard Critter Beaver as a featured picture for the pattern. Then a couple of people I know from knittyboard.com added me as a friend.

In ways, it reminds me of Epinions.com, back in its early days. Some people who were familiar with each other outside of the site joined around the same time and quickly bonded. Then over time, others joined in. Some who saw the status of the older members and their recognition in the community glommed on to the older members in an effort to attain status. Quite a few lurked around, not really caring to play the social game (or so confused by it that they didn’t know how to act). It will be interesting to see how this site turns out. At its core, it’s an online community and thus will be open to the same issues that caused problems on Epinions. We’ll see.

For now, I suspect that I will be spending lots of time getting organized.

Starting gusset increasesBefore I got my invite, I did manage to get some knitting done. I worked on my Stansfield 304 socks a bit. I’ve moved into the gusset increases. I started out with 72 stitches, but I think that won’t be quite big enough for my ankles. So I’m increasing to 84 (have to stay in multiples of 12). Then I’ll start work on the heels. I threw in a lifeline just in case things don’t go too well.

3 thoughts on “I’m finally in Ravelry!

  1. phoenix

    I agree that it will be interesting to see how the community aspect of Ravelry evolves as it grows. As a person who goes through fits and spurts of being social and hanging back and lurking, so far I like the fact that it’s easy to do both there.

    Cute sock!

  2. Angeluna

    Well, welcome to the fold! What fun to have a real buddy in Ravelry. And I can see you are already finding your place. BTW, the Stansfields are gorgeous.

  3. Batty

    The sock looks great!

    I’m afraid of Ravelry. I go through phases of wanting to sign up, followed by phases in which I’m afraid of the mighty time sink. It’s confusing.

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