More critters are coming!

Crafty Alien has been one busy beaver alien girl! She just released one new set of patterns, this time for barnyard critters. It’s the start of a new series called “Born in a Barn”.

I’m a sucker for cuteness, and I have a special fondness for horses. So I couldn’t resist snagging the new set.

I really love these little guys! The new pattern has a pig, a chicken, and the horse. I’ve knitted all three, but have only finished the horse so far.

The construction of the horse is a little bit trickier than any of the other patterns that I’ve made so far. Rather than the pattern starting at the neck (like all of the other animals), this one started at the nose. I went through a bit of head-scratching before I figured out how to fold the knitted portion before starting on the body.

Part of the problem was me, and part of it was the pattern, which had only been out for a week or so before I got my mitts on it. Sure enough, there were a couple of errors in it. So I contacted her. She was awesome about it and gave me the information that I needed.

UnfoldedFolded piece

Crafty Alien HorseWhen the knitting of the head is done, fold the head along the center so that the stitch markers meet. Then sew segment A completely, and sew C halfway, leaving the lower half open. Pick up stitches along segment B and knit the body from there. Add ears, felt the little bugger, add the mane and tail, and… Ta da!

I also knitted the pig and chicken, but the pig… Well… He stunk! Badly. The pattern was perfect, but the yarn that I used (Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool) did not felt the way I wanted it to. It’s very, very thick and has a very wooly texture that would be great for a sheep but not so great for a pig. Also, though the ears started out the same size, they felted totally differently. (One was shorter and fatter. The other looked like a rabbit ear.)

I’m chucking this one.

I went stash diving and found a skein of Cascade 220 that I’d bought for another project. So I’m knitting it again.

Stay tuned for the birth of the little piggy!

A few words about Etsy and some good news

From what I understand, one of the original missions of Etsy was to create a place where crafters could sell their wares while keeping that connection to the customer that has always been so valued. I’ve had a bad Etsy experience (Mystical Creations Yarn), but I’ve had several good ones. IMO, Etsy is succeeding fabulously in their mission.

When I found Crafty Alien’s patterns on Etsy, I knew right away that I would be a repeat customer. As I’ve knitted the various projects, I’ve had several exchanges with Lisa. As I’ve talked to her, I’ve found her to be extremely passionate about her critters. She wants so badly to have the best product possible for her customer.

Because of our most recent exchange, Lisa and I have made an arrangement so that I can preview and give her feedback on all of the new patterns coming out. When she has something that she is about to release, I’ll knit it up and see if there are any corrections that are needed. She even said that I could show off the new critters as I finish them, even if the pattern hasn’t been released yet!

So if you’re as much of a fan of these little critters as I am, stay tuned. The menagerie is going to grow!

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  1. Aisling

    Awesome! I have seen how you feel about your little critters, and I think she chose the best person possible for this. 🙂

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