I finished re-knitting and felting the piggy this morning. It looks SO much better so far. It’s amazing how much better the Cascade 220 felted than the Elann Peruvian Highland Wool. Lesson learned. It’s a shame, because I ordered some more of the Peruvian Highland last week. (It was on sale!) I guess I’ll have to find a non-felted project to use with it.

Crafty Alien Chicken I also finished the chicken! Isn’t he cute?

Of course, I’m such an incredible geek that it wasn’t enough to just have the chicken. I had to have eggs too. And a nest!

Yes, you may follow my daughter’s lead and roll your eyes now.

4 thoughts on “Cluck!

  1. Angeluna

    So where’s the pig? I see its parts. And I told you how much I love the chicken. I think you need to start knitting them little houses. And carrying baskets. DD will soon stop rolling those eyes. She knows how lucky she is to have such a “cool” mother.

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