What? Crochet?

I learned to crochet shortly before I learned to knit.  For the record, I hated them both.

I hated learning to crochet because I learned during a time when my three older brothers were playing and being kids.  I was learning everything that a woman in 1940 was expected to know to be a wife and mother.  Problem was, I was only eight years old and 1940 had passed long, long before.

I hated knitting for the same reason, but even more so because my mother absolutely loathed knitting and knew very little about it.  Her only solution for solving any problem was ripping back to the beginning and starting over.  It was far from fun.

I stopped doing both as soon as I possibly could, but when I found out that I was expecting my daughter, I started to crochet again.  I made a bunch of afghans and beautiful, beautiful things for her and her room.  Then I stopped again.  I haven’t picked up a crochet hook in over 13 years.

So why would I want to now?

I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series, as is my daughter.  I made my daughter a Hermione Granger costume a few years ago, complete with knitted scarf, Gryffindor robe, wand, etc.  With her crazy, curly hair, she’s a perfect Hermione.   She wears the costume to every Harry Potter book launching she can (which makes me enormously glad that I thought to make her robe in a larger than needed size at the time!).  Since this is the last book, we thought it would be fun for me to dress up as Molly Weasley.

So here I am… crocheting Weasley Sleeves at the last moment (almost).

Fortunately, I had a bag of Rowan Handknit Cotton in a variety of colors that I had snagged for a song at an online sale.  I only needed a few more balls to have enough materials.  (So this is going to double as a stash-busting project!)  The colors aren’t a perfect match of the sleeves that Molly wore in the Chamber of Secrets movie, but it will be good enough… if I can finish on time.

rowan colors

I started on it tonight.  Since one of the colors that I ordered to finish the project was needed for the upper part of the sleeve, I started on the lower part.   I only put about an hour or so into it so far and have two rows done on each of the sleeves, and another row done on one of them.  We’ll see how fast it goes!

Molly Sleeves - Day 1

3 thoughts on “What? Crochet?

  1. Micki

    Hooray for crochet! (Hmm, I haven’t crocheted anything in more than a year…) I can’t wait to see your finished sleeves.

  2. Batty

    Knitting comes naturally to me, but crochet… not so much. I still can’t read a pattern properly, but I keep trying. Don’t see what the knit/crochet controversy is all about. They look lovely together!

    Your Weasley sleeves are going to be great.

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