Excuse me while I lose my freaking mind!

Sleeves - day 4So here I am after four days of work. I thought I’d be further along, but that’s only because I’m a hopeless optimist when it comes to my crocheting skills.

I have to remember that it’s been years since I have crocheted anything, and I think that the pattern was written by a Brit. So there may be some language and experience issues here.

But I swear… I’ve had more troubles with this than I thought that I would. I’ll explain these issues after I finish. For now, I’ll just say that I spent most of the past two days working rows, ripping them out, and then re-doing them.  (I’m still not sure that they’re right, but at least the stich counts worked out!)

My progress has likely also been slowed by my allergies, which are causing my eyes to burn like I’ve been peeling onions non-stop for weeks. By the end of the day, my eyes are so sore that I can’t even see anything. I’m not sure what I’m allergic to, but I wish it would just die already.

And now, when I’m reaching the end, I think that I’m losing my mind!

Before I started, I made doubly sure that I had enough materials. I started with a dozen skeins of Rowan Handknit Cotton that I’d bought on sale. I bought a handful more skeins in some of the colors that I already had to make sure that I had enough for the colors that were used frequently in the pattern. I then sat down with the pattern and put the color numbers next to the rows, again in the attempt to keep from running short of any color.

I know that I started with two skeins of the yellow. (Rowan calls it “Butter” but I call it “Wow! That’s YELLOW!”) I’m fairly sure that I’ve only used one skein; however, I now can’t find one of the skeins OR the label that would have gone on the skein had I used it.
I’ve ripped apart the couch. Moved everything in the living room. Looked around the house. And I can’t find it. This after I spent the last 45 minutes (with some minutes here and there spent watching my recording of “The Dead Zone”) working on a cross treble row that starts the flouncing at the end.


I have enough other colors that I think I can sub some other color in there, but it means ripping out the row that I just completed.

I am not happy.

3 thoughts on “Excuse me while I lose my freaking mind!

  1. Batty

    I know you’re not happy, but… it only took you 4 hours to crochet that? OMG, you’re a freaking crocheting genius! It takes me that long to create a misshapen dishcloth.

    I hope you either find your yellow yarn (it’s really, really yellow, I’d call it Big Bird), or that you have great luck with some other appropriate color.

  2. Jo

    I’m always available on-line if you need help with the pattern. A few people have finished the sleeves now, and I’ve had a couple of people asking me questions about the crossed trebles. I’m always happy to help, just email me at jo@fruitcats.com if you want any assistance.
    Good work, btw, don’t give up!

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