Oh deer…

I’ve spent much of my knitting time over the past couple weeks working on two different projects.

DeerFirst up is another project from Crafty Alien. I actually finished the knitting and felting of this project before I completed the Weasley Sleeves, but the body parts laid on the counter for quite a while before the little Grump nagged me into completion. I wasn’t sure that I wanted to finish the deer because I didn’t put the white piece on the front completely centered as it should have been, but my dd said that she really, really liked him. I think she was right. It did turn out really sweet.

Chevron ScarfMy other obsession has been a Chevron Scarf from “Last Minute Knitted Gifts”. The yarn is from All Things Heather. I received the yarn as a reward for a donation to a fundraiser for books for a school in Africa. For whatever reason, I received two skeins of yarn instead of the advertised one. I tried the green in socks, but I felt the spin of the yarn was just too loose to use with small needles. It’s perfect for the Chevron Scarf though, and it’s so cheerful when paired with the other skein.

The pattern is addictive though. I just can’t seem to get enough of knitting it!

5 thoughts on “Oh deer…

  1. Alice

    The deer is so cute! I am loving your chevron so far, you’re so right about it being addictive–it’s a great pattern!

  2. Angeluna

    Your deer is a dear. OK, I’m waiting for photos of gnomes, and mermaids, and pirates!!!! Thank goodness you got your scarf done. I loved that knit. I put mine aside so it wouldn’t go so fast, but it is really the ideal traveling knit. Knowing that, I took 4 pair of socks on the last trip, and they all ended up at the “hard” parts!

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