Good luck Larissa!


Last week, one of my best friends bid farewell to her oldest child, Larissa, who went off to college in Chicago. It’s a big step for Larissa and for her mom. Letting go is never easy, especially when you know that you can’t be there to take care of the child the way that you have for the past 18 years.

I imagined what I’d be thinking about if I was in my friend’s place. I’ve lived in Chicago, and I’ve lived in Texas. There’s a big temperature difference between the two places, especially in the winter. So the first thing that came to my mind was “Is the child keeping warm enough?”

So I decided to make a special graduation gift for Larissa. I decided that the girl needed a warm hat, scarf, and mittens. If nothing else, her mom will know that Larissa has the things that she needs to keep warm.

To increase the chance of the girl wearing them, I had Spunky Eclectic dye the yarn in t Larissa’s favorite colors. Amy is seemingly psychic, and the Larissa’s mom assured me that the turquoise and purple colors are perfect.

I started in May, took a lengthy break over the summer while I dallied with critters and such, and resumed work a couple weeks ago when I realized that Larissa would be leaving for college soon.

I finished this past weekend.

Larissa’s project

(That’s my own daughter in the middle top. She won’t be leaving for college for five more years. *shudder*)

Unfortunately, Larissa had already gone on to college. Her mom will send the gift to her this week. Hopefully Larissa likes these and wears them and remembers that there are more than a few people in Texas who wish her all the best.

6 thoughts on “Good luck Larissa!

  1. bellamoden

    These really are darling! I definitely like the colors. Did you use any particiular pattern for the mittens? The stitch pattern in one of the pictures was interesting, what was it?

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