Pardon my Moo-d.

I’m in that time of the year when I don’t get as much knitting time as I’d like.  School has started, I’m getting the Computer Club amped up again, and dd has lots of things to do for which she needs a chauffeur.

I try to get a few minutes to knit here and there.

Moo!Here’s my latest finished object.  Meet Ms. Cow.  She was created from another awesome pattern from Crafty Alien. (I also have a rooster and goat in the works.  Stay tuned!)
Ms. Cow didn’t turn out quite as well as I’d like.  The pattern calls for knitting the different pieces and sewing them together before felting.  I did that this time.  Unfortunately, the black Patons Classic Merino started bleeding black dye profusely the second that it hit the hot water.  Major bummer.  It causd both the white and the pink to look dirty.  (Poor Cow looks like a dirty pig.)  If I do this one again (and I very well might), I’ll be smarter.  I’m going to try to pre-wash the black in some vinegar and water to get rid of the excess dye and set what is left.  Maybe that will make for a cleaner result.

I still think Ms. Cow is a cutie.  If she’s patient, maybe she’ll find Mr. Bull (who will be on the way after the goat and rooster are finished).

3 thoughts on “Pardon my Moo-d.

  1. Grace

    Very very cute!! I’ve been wanting to knit this pattern for a while now, and I think yours turned out adorable! I her eyes are just perfect. Thanks for the tip on the black Patons. I will definitely prewash it before felting when I make mine!

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