More critters!

Two more critters have joined the grump menagerie!

Rooster Goat

Aren’t they cute? They came from Crafty Alien’s “Born in a Barn, Vol 2”.

I’m not sure I’m in love with my goat. (How many times can a person say *that* without getting strange looks?) I think I over-felted him a little in my desire to get rid of some unsightly holes in his neck. Still, he’s cute, and my daughter loves him.If you’ve never knitted a Crafty Alien critter before, these probably shouldn’t be the ones to start with. Getting the horns, beak, and tail feathers on just right was a rather fiddly process. The kitties are so much easier to do!

Now is a good time to get in on the Crafty Alien critters. She is having a sale at her web site (link on the right!) for the next week. All orders over $20 are 20% off!

Next up on the critter list is probably a turkey. Or maybe an octopus. Or, if I get the next pattern set, an alpaca, donkey, or bull. I haven’t decided. These guys are like M&Ms. It’s hard to stop at one!

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