Insanity is hereditary!

That's one BIG rabbit!I’ve heard a couple dear friends say in the past that my critter obsession has reached unhealthy limits. One recently joked, “You used to knit such beautiful things. Now it’s all little animals. We’re going to have to help you recover!”

Those folks may be right, because the insanity has been passed on to my daughter.

My daughter and I have a tradition. I have an outstanding promise to her that I will make her one costume per year. Usually she takes me up on this promise for Halloween (though one year, she actually used it for a costume for the school musical).

So this year, when I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween, she said, “You’re going to think I’m nuts.”

I assured her that I wouldn’t. When she said, “A bunny!”, I had to bite my tongue and remember that a mother must keep her word.

So a rabbit it is!

A big, goofy rabbit. A big goofy rabbit with a tail that is about 6 inches in diameter. A big fluffy white rabbit with soft, shiny pink inner ears.

I finished the costume today… Just a couple hours before she needed it to wear to a costume party.

The costume comes complete with white furry paws, white furry spats, and, as a last minute addition, a white furry purse to hold her camera, my cell phone, and a small package of tissues.

She’s absolutely delighted! Yes, she is the most absurd Halloween character imaginable (unless you’re Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she pointed out), but she is absolutely adorable.

As are all the critters that I make.

As I worked on the costume, I had some of the most hilarious conversations with her. We talked about “hare-brained ideas” and what she should do to someone who tried to touch her tail. (She was more concerned about people trying to rub her ears.) When I asked her if she wanted me to get some make-up to paint her nose, she said that she didn’t think it was needed, which led me to sing a chorus of “No Bunny Nose the Trouble I’ve Seen.” It was all extremely silly, but I suspect that she will remember this costume long after she forgets many of the others.

I guess obsessions (and insanity) aren’t necessarily all bad!

8 thoughts on “Insanity is hereditary!

  1. mary anne

    Your daughter’s bunny costume is absolutely adorable! You are so creative. I love all your little animals and I think they are beautiful knits.

  2. Lynn

    I think she looks absolutely precious. I believe one hallmark of good mothering is when you end up with a kid whose sense of play is still intact. There’s so much temptation for them to paint black what isn’t pierced, and here you have a smart girl who seems entirely unaware of how charming she is, and who is a pleasure to talk to.

    Nice job on all counts, ma’am!

  3. Margot

    Your daughter is adorable! Great job on the suit.

    My mom made me critter Halloween costumes when I was wee and medium wee. I *still* remember them all fondly.

  4. Angeluna

    Oh WOW!!! Going from funny little creatures to huge ones, great big goofy ones (no E, you aren’t huge, just the costume). I must admit it is adorable on E. I would never in a million years have guessed this would have been her costume choice. But it works. And you gotta love “No Bunny Knows….”. Happy Birthday, Grump!

  5. aisling

    What a great costume 🙂 She looks awesome, critter collector. I happen to love your critters, but I want to see that sock yarn knit up …

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