To the frog pond?

I’ve been working on these socks for what seems like forever. With me, this is never a good thing. Either I blast right through the project and they’re awesome or I spend months working and reworking the things just to be disappointed.

Such as it is with this pair. I started them in June, got up to the heels in very short order, and then started struggling at the heels. I’ve ripped the heel on this one out about a dozen times. I’m still not thrilled with the quality of the knitting, but I got through it.

I tried one of the socks on this morning (before I invested too much time in the cuff). Smart move on my part, it turns out, because the sock is just… Ugh. I like the pattern, but the sock is just not going to fit me. At all. If I push the sock so that the heel fits, there’s about an inch or so left over at the toe. If I push the sock so that it fits at the toe, the heel bags in the worst way.

I’m wondering if it will fit anyone. If there’s some chance that it will fit a real human being, I may keep going. It’s knit night tonight. I should be able to find a few feet in other sizes to see if there’s hope. (Any volunteers?) Otherwise, it’s too the frog pond with this project.

Fortunately, the Wollmeise yarn is durable beyond belief. Despite multiple froggings, the yarn has held up and hasn’t started to fuzz the way that many yarns would. I’m pretty impressed. If I end up frogging, maybe I’ll use the yarn to make a pair of socks for the hubby. (He said that he loved the yarn but not the sock pattern.)

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