First Annual Sisters of the Wool Yarn Swap

Last night, the Sisters of the Wool for our first ever Christmas yarn swap. I forget whose idea it was, but whoever thought of it was a genius. Everyone brought a gift-wrapped skein of yarn, and then we held a “Chinese swap”. (A “Chinese swap” is a swap where each person draws a number. Then, in order of the numbers, the participants have the option to either open a gift or snag a gift that has already been opened. If a particular gift has been snagged a certain number of times – in our case, four – it’s “frozen” and can’t be taken again. In our version, the first person who chose also had the option to snag a gift after everyone else had chosen. I don’t know where the tradition originated, but it’s been around the States for a while, and it’s loads of fun for the participants.)

I have to admit that I could not choose just one yarn to be swapped. I love each and every skein of yarn in my stash. I love some skeins more than others, but I generally like and plan to knit each skein. So choosing which of my gems to trade away was not exactly an easy task.

I ultimately narrowed it down to three skeins: one skein of Yarntini in the Designated Driver colorway (selected because it looked almost exactly like the Koigu that I own), one skien of Zen Yarn Garden in the Red Lantern colorway (chosen because the tencel blend resulted in a kind of salmon and gray rather than the red and gray that I had envisioned when I ordered it), and one skein of STR in the G Rocks colorway. I added a note that said that the winner got to choose one from the sack.

Rio de la Plata MulticolorI ended up getting some gorgeous Rio de la Plata Sock Multicolor in a “Burgandy – Bison” mix. It’s absolutely gorgeous!

As with many of the packages of yarn, the yarn that I brought changed hands multiple times. Eventually, it ended up going to a woman who fell in love with the STR. I thanked the hostess of the party by letting her choose one of the two remaining skeins. She chose the Zen Yarn Garden.

Socks That ShineI was surprised that the Yarntini would be returning home with me. But then one of the ladies offered to trade her gift for the Yarntini. It sounded like a good deal to me, so the Yarntini was swapped for some Socks That Shine.

Overall, it was a really enjoyable evening. There was much stealing, a few playful glares between friends when their yarn got stolen away (I was *this* close to a skein of Raven yarn from BMFA!), and a whole bunch of laughter. Friends and yarn! What could be better?

2 thoughts on “First Annual Sisters of the Wool Yarn Swap

  1. Lynn

    My skein of “Burning Bunnies” [Note to PETA: real color name is “Burning *Embers*”] is sitting here on my computer disk. I am still feeling rather pleased with how I finagled that, LOL.

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