Meet the Woolly Snowman Family!

At long last, the Woolly Snowman Family is DONE! (Horns! Trumpets! Confetti! Cheering!)

I started this project back in November (ordered the patterns in October). At the time, I thought that I’d make three snowmen: one of each size from Marie Mayhew’s Woolly Snowman pattern, and one from Marie Mayhew‘s Woolly Snowbaby pattern.

Then I started thinking. (Yeah… That was my mistake!) The snowmen would be a cute gift for my sister-in-law and her family, but I’d need to do one for each of the family members. So I made three more snowbabies.

After I’d felted the group, I realized that the “momma” snowman (snowmomma?) didn’t seem the right size. I’d goofed up on the dad snowman and made him too large, and I’d used the wrong gauge of yarn on the snowbabies, so they were all bigger (taller and wider) than the “momma”. So I knitted another momma in the big size snowman and decided that the smaller one would be a gift for someone else.

This project went slower than planned for so many reasons. I’ve been really busy, so knitting time has been at a minimum. Seven snowmen means seven sets of clothing, and of course, I wasn’t pleased with making all of the items exactly as written in the Woolly Snowman Hats pattern. No… I had to knit some o them with my left-over sock yarn using size 2 needles!

Then I had to make multiple trips to the craft store to get the right things that I needed (because I never seemed to have the list of right things with me). I now have black beads in three different sizes and black wire in two different gauges. (Thank goodness for sales!) The process of assembly was a hoot as I had bits of wire, beads, buttons, and yarn scattered all over the kitchen (proving once again how much my family loves me. I’m surprised they didn’t kill me!).

But they’re done! (Excuse me while I dance around and shout “Done!” a few more times!) I’m pleased with the results. Momma Snowman looks a little fierce for my taste, but my daughter says that it’s likely because the snowbabies weren’t behaving. I think that the snowmen are cute and fun. I just hope my sister-in-law agrees. If she doesn’t love them, I’ll be really bummed out!

(If you want to get a better look, just click on the picture!)

Woolly Snowman Family

13 thoughts on “Meet the Woolly Snowman Family!

  1. Mandy

    The snowman family is adorable!!! My friend Beth collects snowmen, this would be a great knit idea for her.

    Don’t worry, your sister-in-law with LOVE them!

  2. Lynn

    Fun fur would make *me* look fierce, too! I think they’re all priceless, and if your sister-in-law doesn’t agree, throw holly berries at her!

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  4. Marie Mayhew

    Hey! as the designer of the Woolly Snowman, I am very impressed. See you can’t just make one, can you? I hope
    you had fun, it sure looks like it. Thanks for the plug, I truly appreciate it. Next year I hope to have outfits for them for every month of the year. MORE!

  5. Edith

    OMG! Those turned out great! I knew they would! It’s just so great to see the finished product. I don’t know how anyone could not love these especially all the work & love that were put into them. I think my favorite thing besides all of it, is the beret.

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