A Belated Merry Christmas!

On our yearly trip to Ohio, I started a new project. I knitted about 2/3 of the cuff for the Mad Color Weave socks (made with White Oak Studios‘ TVyarn in the Dr. Who colorway). When we arrived at my sister-in-law’s house, I had the little grump try them on. Darn the luck! They were too small.

So I frogged it. My sister-in-law and nieces sat there in horror as I pulled it out and wound the yarn up again. They had never seen anyone do such a thing and were upset that my work had been “wasted”.

They didn’t realize that the work wasn’t wasted at all. I made some errors on version 1.0 that I didn’t make the second time around. And I learned to not be afraid of doing the Mad Color Weave pattern without a cable needle. It was so liberating!

I started again, this time using the 74 stitch count. By the time we left to return home, I had the cuff almost done (again). I finished the cuff and did most of the heel on the way home. I would have done more but I caught a nasty cold and am still trying to recover.

I want to get the rest of the foot done before knit night so that I can have some one teach me to Kitchener the toe. (I’ve learned so much from those ladies. Major thanks to Jeri, who taught me how to capture and fix dropped stitches. I’ve had to do that twice!)

Dr. Who's Mad Weave sock Up close - Mad Color Weave

The socks are definitely not for anyone who is shy about color. They are bright, like, “We’ll never lose you in a crowd” bright. Some might even say “Clown barf” behind their hands in a gagging kind of way. I love them though! So does my daughter. (We’re already arguing about who will get them!) They’re mad in the extreme, and I’ve little doubt that The Doctor would love them too!

Other knitting-related stuff…

I gave the chevron scarf to the art teacher at the school where I work. She’s rather flamboyant and loves color. To say that she LOVED the scarf is an understatement. (Don’t you just love it when people love your handmade gifts?)

My sister-in-law was speechless when she opened the package with the snowmen. My husband, who is always very impressed with everything I do, quickly blurted out that I made them with my own two hands and worked on them for hours and hours. An argument ensued with my nieces, who wanted to lay claim to certain snowbabies. It was really cute!

The real treat for Christmas was that my daughter and I received handknitted gifts for the first time. My friend Kitty (unfortunately blogless and not on Ravelry) knitted Rogue for my daughter and a gorgeous cabled vest for me. (I’ve written to Kitty to share our joy and to ask her for the particulars so that I can blog about them properly.) I need to buy a proper top to wear underneath the vest, but I’ll be dragging the little grump to knit night this week so that she can show off the Rogue.

I’m off to knit some more. My daughter is really excited about those socks!

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