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Mad Color WeaveI almost finished the first Mad Color Weave sock today.  The only thing left to do is to graft the toe.  I hope I can find a volunteer to talk me through it at knit night.   (I’m sure that there are more than a couple ladies who can practically do it in their sleep!)

I’m really, really pleased with these socks so far.  I looked carefully and can’t find a single hole in the heel area.  They fit my daughter like a dream.   They fit me pretty well too.  (My foot is just the teeniest bit longer than hers, so the ultimate fit on me will depend on the fit of the toe.)  We may end up fighting over them.  The kiddo will likely win!

As I was doing the cuff, I worried over whether I had enough yarn to do one or two more repeats of the pattern.  At the time, we were on the road, and I didn’t have my scale handy.  The ball looked pretty small, and I didn’t know if I’d end up being short on yarn for the toe. So I played it safe and moved on to the heel when the pattern said to. 

Turns out that I really could have done an extra repeat.  The dyer’s spec for the yarn said that it was two 50g skeins.  I don’t know how much exactly was in the first one (I’ll weigh the sock and the left-overs after I graft the toe and get the needles out), but the second skein was 55g.  When I finish the first sock, I’ll have the second skein plus about 7g of the first skein left. 

I can’t wait to wash and block this pair of socks.  If it passes the wash test (little bleeding, fading, etc.), I’ll want to use this yarn again.  I don’t know what her base yarn is, but it’s got some bounce to it.  I like that!

On to the second sock!

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