Bad sock mojo

Once again, it seems that my sock-knitting mojo is not what it needs to be.    It also seems like this pair of Doctor Who socks is never going to be.

After the set-back with the broken needle, I thought that I was going to finish the socks in plenty of time to qualify them for the December Sockdown over on Ravelry.  I was about ten rows into the second sock when I realized that maybe it wouldn’t.

Remember when I said how pleased I was with the TV Yarn from White Oak Studio?  Remember how I said it was so squooshy and pleasant to knit with?  The resulting sock was perfect in every way and would be awesome to wear on cold, dreary January days.

Well, the second skein hasn’t lived up to the expectations of the first.  It was good for about 5 rows, but then the weight of the yarn changed drastically.  See for yourself.

tv yarn flaw

Both segments of yarn came from the same skein and were within inches of each other.  The top is nearly three times as heavy as the bottom.  So where I had a nice, scrumptious cuff on the first sock, the second very quickly turned into a floppy, airy summer sock.

Not to be deterred, I frogged it, rewound the skein so that I was using the yarn at the other end (after all, I had more than enough yarn on the first sock), and tried again.  Sadly, I didn’t even get 5 rows of thick yarn before I ran into the anemic nearly-laceweight yarn.

I’ve been in contact with Jana, the dyer, and she assures me that this isn’t the way things are supposed to be.  She buys her base yarn in skeins from a supplier.  I can easily see how one might not notice the weight issue when the yarn is skeined, so I don’t hold it against her.  She has offered to replace the skeins without question, which is all I can ask from anyone who makes hand-crafted items.  I have specified that I’d really, really like a skein with a weight that matched the first skein, and if she can dye them close to the original, that will be good enough for me.  (The yarn is so darn bright that, if the colors are close, no one will notice if the colors pool differently.)

We’ll see what happens.  For now, the socks are on hold.  I’m really hoping that I don’t have to frog the first, which I will do if I must.  In the worst case scenario, I’ll frog and re-knit so that the lighter weight skein is used for the cuff and the heavier weight skein is used for the foot.

In the meantime, I’ll finish off the little grump’s wristwarmers and work on a gift for one of the many up-coming baby showers.

4 thoughts on “Bad sock mojo

  1. KnitstressMary


    I wonder has any of the S.O.W.S upset a knitting diety of some type? You with your problems with this pair and me with my problmes with my PineTree, and now similar problems with my jay walkers. This is not good. What can be done to change our mojos?

  2. Batty

    Oh, no! My cursed socks have passed on the curse to yours, I’m so sorry!

    What a bummer about the yarn. I guess that’s the problem with dyeing, you’re working with someone else’s product, and when you ship it out, you’re only responsible for part of the quality. But at least the yarn really is supposed to be soft and squooshy and pretty, and getting more is not a recipe for more disappointment.

    Hmmm… let’s be scientific about this! Buy enough yarn to get a decent sample size and see if you’re really satisfied…

    –The Dreadful Enabler

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