Mutant bear! Oh my!

Before I show you my latest goof-up, I want to explain something.

I’m a geek to the core. Whenever I get new computer hardware or electronics (which can never be often enough), the manual stays in the box while I figure out how to get the blasted thing working. It has become something of a game. Can I get it working without reading every single word of a poorly written manual? Usually I can.

Unfortunately, this geeky tendency not to read instructions (or at least all of the instructions) sometimes works its way into my knitting. Which is how I found myself with the following problem with the Baby Bobbi Bear project:

Gator legs

See those stubby legs? That’s what I ended up with after I read the pattern, knitted what I thought they told me, decided that they were wrong, ripped it out, and tried to lengthen the legs on my own. I still wasn’t happy with them, but I moved on to the head. All the while, I kept thinking, “Those just look CRAZY! I MUST be doing something wrong!”

Finally, before I finished with the head (thank God!), I stopped and studied the picture. The picture was clear enough that I could count the rows. Then I went to the pattern and counted the rows in the instructions. I scratched my head. Scratched it again. Then I noticed the non-blurred out portion.


I’d read the pattern (or so I told myself) twenty times and didn’t see that bit about knitting for three inches.

This is where it comes in really, really handy to have a set of KnitPicks Options needles with lots and lots of cables. I’ve ripped the legs back to the start and will be doing them again. I took the needle tips off the cable where I was doing the head and put them onto the legs. I just screwed on the end protectors to keep from losing the stitches there.

The yarn that I’m using for this project is Sirdar Supersoft Toddler Aran. It is supersoft, and I’m sure that the mom of the baby that will be receiving this will appreciate the fact that it’s 100% washable. As far as acrylics go, it’s on the better end. However, knitting and then frogging this yarn has reminded me why I tend to avoid acrylic (even expensive acrylic like this stuff). My hands are aching from knitting it, and the yarn became a splitty, horrible mess when frogged. Hopefully I won’t have to do much more of that!

You Make My Day!

You Make My Day

My friend Micki is a sweetheart and tagged me for a “you make my day” award. The first thing I have to say is, “Back at ya!” If you haven’t seen Micki’s beautiful knitting or gorgeous spinning, you should go check her out. She’s the knitter I want to be… fast and good. (I bet she even reads ALL of the pattern before assuming that she knows what she’s doing.)

She tagged several people that I would have tagged. Angeluna never fails to make me smile. TechKnitting never fails to (attempt to) make me a better knitter. (She can’t be blamed for my geeky tendency not to read instructions!)

But I know of a few more deserving people:

Claudia over at Wollmeise: Her yarns are simply drool-worthy, and her love of dying shines through every word.

I also love to visit Boogie Knits. She has lots of information about spinning and knitting, but her recipes are really handy too. You also have to love the pictures of Baby Boogie!

I also like Kathryn Ivy, which showcases the work of Alice and Grace. I rarely meet any other people named “Grace”, and it’s even more rare that I meet one that knits. These ladies are really talented, and I love the way that they do their photography.

I stumbled across Miss Woolly Knits ages ago and then lost her web address. I spent weeks trying to find it again. I rarely do that! She is worth it though. This lady has some health problems, which limits her posting to once a week. Rather than whining about her problems (as she is certainly entitled to do!), she spends her time enjoying nature and knitting. She has knitted so many hats and scarves for charity that it boggles my mind. When things get bad, I read her blog, and it helps me get things in perspective.

5 thoughts on “Mutant bear! Oh my!

  1. Micki

    Aw, you’re so sweet!

    As for the bear, maybe subconsciously you wanted to knit him amigurumi style–big head, stunted body. 🙂

  2. Terri

    You are right about the extra cables. They have saved me numerous times. I think I need some more of the shortest length for extra holders. I wish they had a little “joiner” like the old Boyes did so that I could just slide stitches from one to the other instead of moving them individually.

  3. Batty

    It happens to everyone every once in a while. At least it’s only knitting. The bear can still get normal legs. But before you fix him, see if he has Amazing Mutant Powers. Because if he does and you lengthen his legs, they might go away, and he’d be disappointed.

  4. mary anne

    I know I am late with this comment, but I want to thank you for your very kind words. They made me cry, but in a good way! Thank you so much.
    and you, you make my day too.
    mary anne

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