My latest disappointment

Cookie A in Wollmeise Tiefer SeeI finally put off the inevitable enough and started a pair of Cookie A’s Monkey socks. I decided that the pattern would be absolutely gorgeous in a skein of my Wollmeise. The Tiefer See colorway was simple enough that it wouldn’t hide the pattern but still had some beautiful color variations.

I started out using the standard number of stitches and size 1 needles. While it was close to gauge, the fabric was very airy. What’s worse, it wouldn’t fit over a size 8 foot.

So I frogged and tried again, this time with an extra repeat of the pattern and using size 0 needles. The fabric was much nicer, but it still didn’t fit. It went on with lots of tugging and pulling, but still not good.

In as much as I’d love to make this work, I think that I’m going to frog and move on. I love the Wollmeise too much to waste it on a pair of socks that I won’t totally love.

7 thoughts on “My latest disappointment

  1. Micki

    Oh no! It’s beginning to seem like you have the curse of the Wollmeise. Maybe the Wollmeise doesn’t want to be knit up.

    Monkey does not have a lot of stretch. I have to work a bit to put mine on…but once they’re on, they feel great.

  2. Lynn

    Oh, it’s so *pretty*, and I don’t even like blue. I totally agree: if you don’t absolutely love it, it’s a waste of time and effort. Obviously, it doesn’t want to be Monkeys. It will tell you want it wants to be, sooner or later. Knit two stuffys and call me in the morning 😉

  3. Susan

    I’m sorry…It’s sounding you like you’re getting my frogging syndrome. One of these days, I will complete a Cookie A pattern.

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