Arise zombies!

The Zombie socks are almost done!  Hurray!

Zombie socks

The Lisa Souza Sock! Merino in this particular colorway was great for this project.  The yarn was a little lighter than the recommended Jitterbug.  It made the sock smaller than specified, and, as my friend Angeluna pointed out, it made the result look totally different.  The result is light and airy (in a good way) and looks more like dripping honey than the walking dead.  My daughter loves the way they fit and can’t wait for the toes to be done.

I hope that Micki has some time at knitting to teach me to Kitchner.  (The last time I took the first completed sock to Knit Night, everyone said, “Wait for Micki to get back.  She’s SO good at it!”)  The socks look so good that I wanted to wait for the best.  God forbid I screw up my first successful sock knitting project this year with lousy grafting! 

For anyone who is looking for sock yarn with great yardage, look for the Lisa Souza Sock! Merino.  I started with 100g and ended with 61g.  Yes… 61g!  I have enough left for a whole pair plus longer cuffs!  Amazing!

*ETA*  I wrote to Lisa Souza to ask her about the colorway.  Many of my Sisters of the Wool said that the colorway couldn’t possibly be “Cam-Oh!” as it was labelled, and it appears that they may be right.  Lisa says that the colorway looks more like “Warm Gold”.  She said that “Cam-Oh” is gold dipped in bronze, which this clearly isn’t.    One thing about the ladies… They KNOW their yarn! 

5 thoughts on “Arise zombies!

  1. Carodawn

    I come by way of MCY Ravelry…. beautiful socks! I hope one day to master the magic loop as it looks like people finish quicker than on dpns.

  2. Carrie

    I saw your zombie socks on Ravelry and I just want to tell you that I loooooove them! I was at a concert last fall where the singer was saying that his son also thought that Jesus was a zombie. Too cute!

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