Finally… Time to knit!

The months between February and June are so busy that I don’t have all that much time to knit.  I have even less time to blog about it.

Last week, school let out for the year.  While I have one more week of work (to close up the school), I’m back to more reasonable working hours.  This afternoon, I came home at a very respectable 3:30 PM!

Zombie SocksI took a few minutes off to photograph my Zombie Socks.  I’d never taken a “finished project” picture.  (It’s not that I wasn’t proud of the finished object.  I was just too busy to do it!)

I figured that this would be a good time to try out my brand spanking new clear sockblockers.  They are terrific!  I love that they aren’t going to clash with the yarn that I chose.  (My blue Fibertrends sockblockers clash with almost everything.)   

I also spent some time working on the Doctor Who Mad Color Weave Socks.  You may recall that these socks were derailed by funky yarn weights.  The dyer, Jana, was really nice and shipped me a whole new set of Doctor Who yarn plus a set of another colorway (Out of Africa) plus a sock bag and stitch markers.  Unfortunately, the new yarn wasn’t an exact match to the old yarn.  So I frogged the nearly perfectly fitting sock that I’d completed and started over.  This time, I made the cuffs out of the lighter weight skein, and I’m making the foot out of the heavier weight yarn.

I finished the first sock of the re-do yesterday.  While I’m pleased, I have to admit that it doesn’t fit quite as well as the original.  It’s still nice though.

Doctor Who Mad Color Weave

3 thoughts on “Finally… Time to knit!

  1. mary anne

    Your Zombie socks are awesome! I like the new sock you are working on. It must have been frustrating to have to rip and start over but it’s a beautiful colourway.

    Yay for you with school over for the year.
    No more school,
    No more books,
    No more…I’m sure you know the rest ^.^

  2. Batty

    Wow, and you’ve been knitting! I now have time to knit but have been too exhausted to do anything about it.

    Love your Zombie socks, and happy colorful socks always make me smile. Beautiful work.

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